Treatment of the elderly disgusting

I AM completely disgusted at the treatment of pensioners such as I in this county.

I have received a letter from Northumberland NHS Care Trust informing me that they were considering putting up my care cost by either 33 per cent, 66 per cent, 100 per cent or I would have bear the full cost of my care at home.

The letter is set out in such a disingenuous way as to purport to ask our opinion on how much more of our money they should take from us for our home care as if we have a reasonable choice.

I am 87-years-old and worked and paid my National Insurance and taxes for a total of 59 years, and I continue to pay taxes on my pension.

It is a sad indictment of this society that we are now living in that promises made to people like me by the founding fathers of the NHS are completely ignored.

Myself and other people in my situation would have been better off if we had lived our lives in a selfish and feckless manner.

At a time when government politicians are spouting fairness, how can it be fair that any pensioner is paying even £1 for NHS care when city bankers are walking away with thousands and even millions in bonuses at this time.