VANDALISM: Ashamed of behaviour

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There have been numerous acts of vandalism in Blyth over the past few months.

Bins have been overturned and set on fire, and flowers have been damaged in Waterloo Road and outside Frameworks in Stanley Street, which has happened more than once.

Although I know the people who are responsible probably won’t read this, I have to ask why?

Some try to improve our town, but they will eventually give up and we will have a dirty, litter-ridden place no one will want to visit.

Do you want this?

Is it boredom? Are you drunk?

Do you think it is fun, or do you not appreciate nice things?

Parents, do you know where your children are at nights?

Police, I know you are suffering from lack of resources, but surely we could have more of a police presence at night.

To our town council, what about some CCTV in the town and park areas?

This cannot continue.

I am angry and ashamed of the behaviour of a small minority of people who spoil our surroundings.

We must take back our town and rid it of this behaviour.

Or do we just not care?

Name and address supplied