WALL: A boil on the townscape

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I have never thought of writing letters to newspapers worthwhile.

Yes, they are interesting to many, but sadly some of those to whom the letters are directed seldom act upon the writers’ frustration.

For frustration is generally the trigger that puts the pen in the hand and the pen to paper when someone causes damage in a drunken stupor, or wilful anti-social acts are perpetrated. Sometimes frustration is directed at elected officials. Let us take the latter.

‘The Great Wall of Bedlington’ is emblazoned in the county colours of bright red and yellow. I am unsure whether it can be seen from outer space or not, unlike its famous Chinese counterpart.

However, it is a boil on the townscape and it needs lancing. It is becoming a dumping area for building materials, as well as a sickly sight.

An old saying goes ‘actions speaks louder than words’.

This newspaper carries regular reports on redevelopment at just about everywhere except Bedlington.

Yes, there are minor projects going on, but the monstrosity that is ‘The Great Wall of Bedlington’ is in the very heart of the town.

To all the responsible people, give us some belief that the heart of Bedlington will be given life again.

As one of the generations who remember Bedlington when it was unrivalled in east Northumberland, let it be sooner rather than later.

Action, please, – 74 years as the poor relation of the amalgamated townships.

AS Marr