‘We will help consumers’

I am writing in response to the letter last week entitled ‘A waste of our money’, regarding a reader’s experience of the council’s Trading Standards service (News Post Leader, June 11)

While it is disappointing to read any of our residents have an unsatisfactory experience using our services, I would explain that this gentleman made contact with the Citizens Advice Consumer Service (CACS) on Friday, June 5. He was called back by one of our officers on Monday the 8th and personally visited the following day. As a result of the visit I understand Mr Ray was fully satisfied with the service he received from our officers.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to advise people on the best course of action if they have a consumer issue.

In the first instance they should contact CACS on 03454 040506. This a nationally funded chain of contact centres used by virtually all local authorities that deal with all consumer advice in the first instance. We work closely with this organisation and it forwards on to us any complicated consumer problems, including those that can’t be easily resolved and any that suggest that a business has attempted to deceive a consumer or has sold unsafe or mis-described goods or services.

Our county’s Trading Standards officers will then help the consumer with any claim they have, or will investigate the complaint, or advise the business to prevent any problems recurring. I hope this reassures residents that the service is here to help and not a waste of money.

Coun Dave Ledger

Member for Public Protection