Why has store’s entrance moved?

I CALLED in at the new Morrisons store in Blyth for a look around, it’s very bright, shiny and it’s nice to see the fruit and vegetable section has a bit better selection.

However, I’m a little confused about one thing, namely the entrance.

The old building was always part of the town centre, the entrances at each end fed in and out to other shops in the town, there was a natural circular flow linking it to the town centre.

So why on earth has the entrance to the new shop been placed at the other end?

There is a walkway along to the end where the old entrance had been, but it seems the main flow is aimed at being to and from their own car park, and for those shoppers using the bus it’s now a longer walk to the bus station.

It just seems to make the building appear very detached from the rest of the town centre.

Can anyone enlighten me as to the thinking behind this?