Youth arts hub to be developed in empty venue

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A new youth arts hub is coming to Newbiggin as part of the Mary Portas project.

The Newbiggin Portas Town Team has brought together Blyth Valley Arts and Leisure, Queen’s Hall Arts development team and Northumberland YMCA to develop and deliver the scheme.

The arts hub will be developed out of the Arts Centre in Woodhorn Road and will give a voice for young people and a dedicated space to create, express ideas and issues, while also challenge perspectives on Newbiggin, youth culture and the arts.

Project manager Lesley Woods said: “We hope to nurture and empower young people through this project to become leading voices in the arts as well as their communities.

“We believe that this venue could potentially be an ideal future base for a more long-term and sustained presence of both high quality youth and arts work.”

The project will start with drop-in and workshop sessions every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 5pm to 8pm.

The hub is a pilot project initiated by The Newbiggin Portas Town Team as part of the Mary Portas pilot.