Aggressive but not too reckless

ASHINGTON Cricket Club captain Michael Thewlis was delighted after his side had defeated Morpeth at Langwell Crescent by three runs.

Thewlis said: “I was pleased with how we played that game, not because we’ve won or because Morpeth were our opponents, but because of the way we have gone about our cricket.

“We have put 200 on the board, and with our bowling attack we’ve managed to restrict them in 50 overs.”

And Thewlis was equally beaming about his side’s approach.

“I thought we were really disciplined throughout,” he said.

“We were aggressive in our cricket but not reckless and it’s all the things you want to see as a skipper, especially with a young side.”

He said it was a team performance, albeit with individual brilliance.

“It’s been a really good team performance but there have been some outstanding individual performances,” he added.

“We had a really good opening partnership with Jack (Jessop) and Scott (Thornton).

“Scott carried his bat for a really good 100, Stephen Boyd has chipped in with some more runs again but then when he has picked the ball up, he’s bowled outstandingly good.”

“It’s hard carrying the attack but Stephen carried it tirelessly and bowled very well, and I must mention Surya (Rathore) because at the death, he’s conceded only five runs from his last three overs when Morpeth have needed four and five an over.

“However, everyone has contributed and it’s been really pleasing being the captain of that side.”

Thewlis had emphasised to his players on more than one occasion that handling the pressure was to be another vital factor:

He added: “I said at the beginning of the game and then when we stopped for a drinks break that the side who could handle the pressure would win, and I don’t think at any stage we were flustered or out of contention.

“I think Morpeth will be more disappointed than we would have been to lose because they thought they had the game in the bag, but I don’t know what more our bowling side could do to restrict that.”

As a cricketing spectacle, Thewlis enjoys participating in close games but has warned his side against complacency.

“They are great games to play in and they are really nice to win because it gives the lads an awful lot of confidence,” he said.

“However, I just hope we are not going to become complacent just because we have won a really tight run chase.”