Disappointment after Ashington’s second defeat

Ashington Cricket Club skipper Greg Williams – disappointed after his side had tumbled to their second defeat of the season on Saturday against Alnmouth & Lesbury – cited a shortage of runs as the reason which lay behind the four wickets reverse.

He said afterwards: “We made a slow start then lost wickets at bad times and put ourselves right up against it.

“We just didn’t bat very well and dug ourselves into a hole and if we hadn’t accelerated towards the end, were looking at totalling 120 at one point.”

He continued: “I lost the toss and they put us in but to be fair had I won it, I probably would have batted in any case.

“The sun was shining and I don’t think the track has changed any during the day, it didn’t get any better – just they batted a little bit better than us.

“I thought the two youngsters (Sonu Singh and Matty Collins) bowled really well but we suffered again by not being able to bowl them more than seven overs in a spell because of their age.

“Had their not been a restriction, then I probably would have kept them on for nine or ten overs and then it might have been a totally different game.”

Williams added: “It was a cracking knock by Tom Vickers and I thought they deserved their victory at the end of the day.

“We just didn’t have enough runs on the board and it was disappointing.”