A tale of two Stations in MB Socca Leagues

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THURSDAY night at the Hirst Centre in Ashington saw six-a-side stories being told in divisions one and two of the MB Socca Leagues.

Station Boys starred in the first story as they won 3-0, hoping Base FC would slip up against The Whipping Boys in the battle for the top division’s runners-up spot.

And their hopes came good as Base lost 1-0 and Station Boys took second by one point.

Trophies await the Boys and manager Dargu.

Already crowned champions Real Ashington beat Multiple Scoregasms 3-1 to finish the season unbeaten – the first time in MB Socca Leagues as manager Tony has done an excellent job.

Division two’s tale saw Station FC, third before their game against Ashington All-Stars, end with them winning 4-3.

They then saw second placed Sparta Hatbreath, two points points clear in second before their game, lose 4-3 to Red Devils.

That leaves Station FC atwo games away from their first ever promotion, but they do face champions V & N Jewellers next week, and who beat Brazilliant 3-0 in the latest round oif matches.

The new season starts in two weeks and any new teams looking to join should call 07891 321753 or 07921 620308 to register. Alternatively go to www.mbsoccaleagues.co.uk