Cassidy’s pride dented by Spartans’ Trophy defeat

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WITTON Albion FC were formed two years before Blyth Spartans, but on the basis of Saturday’s FA Trophy clash, the Cheshire side were light years ahead.

After his side’s 4-1 defeat on Saturday, Blyth manager Tommy Cassidy said his pride was dented. However, his demeanour showed it was more like written off.

“I just hope the players are feeling as bad as I am,” he said.

“On the touchline watching the goals go in during that performance made me feel really down.

“We are better than that, but we didn’t show it at all.

“I can’t wait for tomorrow night when we play at Workington in our FA Cup replay.

“I’ll have picked up by then and I need the players to have done so too.

“I am not shirking my responsibility for the Witton match. The buck stops with me. But the players need to look to themselves as well.”

Cassidy was quick to apologise to Spartans supporters.

“We let them down, especially when they’ve travelled four hours and paid good money to back us,” he said.

“In fact we let everyone down but we need to press on starting at Workington on Monday.”

The official team sheet for Saturday’s game was incorrectly dated August 29.

Although unable to turn back time the visiting fans must have wished Saturday never had happened.