Ferrell praises reaction of his Terriers players

Bedlington Terriers manager Andy Ferrell has praised his side for their reaction in the two games following an 8-0 thumping by Dunston UTS.

The 31-year-old had “no complaints” with the draws against Newcastle Benfield in the league and West Auckland Town in the FA Cup.

Ferrell said: “I wanted a reaction after the defeat and that is exactly what I got in both games.

“We played a very good Dunston side and circumstances with Dan Staples didn’t help.

“The game against Benfield was terrific, we should have won it, we had the chances too, I asked the lads to continue where they left off in the FA Cup game, and they came out the traps flying.”

The Terriers were struck with injury and could only field three substitutes, two defenders at the weekend, which restricted their game plan.

Ferrell added: “The lads are doing the best they can at the minute due to injuries. Marc Walton and Marc Dummett played through the pain barrier at the weekend.

“We coped with West Auckland’s direct play very well first half, we could have been two or three up at the break, we gave it everything we had.

“There was a change in contrast in the second half, we were leggy and tired and they put a lot of pressure on us. We didn’t have the luxury of a full bench so we were restricted.”

“I would take any sort of game,” were the words used by Ferrell after being asked about the possibilities of a trip to a big side later in the competition, should the Terriers get through.

He said: “I am not one of those people who dictate who we would like, whatever the draw throws at us. Should we get through a couple of rounds, it doesn’t matter.

“The FA Cup is renowned for surprises, nothing is a big shock these days, it has a tradition for upsets and I have no doubt that it’ll continue.

“The prize money is fantastic for the club, the biggest honour we get is still being in this fantastic competition, it would help the club out massively that is for sure.”