Grieve apologises to team-mates for error

ASHINGTON defender Matty Grieve apologised to his team-mates in the dressing room following the final whistle after his error had led to an equaliser for West Auckland in the 2-2 draw on Saturday.

Grieve’s moment which he will want to forget came in the 84th minute of a pulsating contest at the Darlington Road ground.

With his side holding a 2-1 lead, his headed back pass meant for Karl Dryden hit the turf, slowed up and allowed razor sharp striker John Campbell the chance to round the visiting keeper and slot home.

“I heard a call to head the ball back to Karl but I didn’t see Campbell,” said a disappointed and honest Grieve.

“I’ve held my hands up and should have known better – I should have got rid of the ball.”

The 22-year-old added: “After I had headed the ball and then saw Campbell, I looked to see if Karl would get a touch on it and I tried to get back.

“I know it was the wrong decision and especially when we were only 2-1 ahead.

“The whole team have high expectations and I know I have got to do better.

“I was so disappointed because we had done so well – and one second of losing concentration has resulted in an equaliser.”