Harmison believes future is bright for Ashington

Ashington boss Steve Harmison believes the future is bright for the Woodhorn Lane club after his side completed their league programme on Saturday with a 2-0 win over Durham City.

He said: “We had a little bit of quality which won us the game, and although there was the odd mistake in tough conditions, I was very proud and happy when we finished the contest because my players showed a fighting endeavour and great application for the club.

“I look ahead at the bigger picture and apart from with what is happening off the field, the future is bright for Ashington FC.

“It is a big must that our pitch is sorted out, and with the addition of one or two new faces, then we will really be in a position to go forward.”

“I don’t like singling people out, but Kyle Oliver probably came off the field today thinking he hadn’t been as influential and been a bit more quiet.

“But he was fantastic. He played in a variety of positions and it’s people like him that I want to do things for me. Andrew Johnson was the same.

“We had to pick a team with two of the older guard – James Harmison and Paul Dunn – not included in the starting line-up because of the all weather pitch.

“We go 1-0 up with 15 minutes left and we had to put them on, and it just shows that the application of this group is spot on and they are doing the right things.

“It’s all about the players who have played 15 games, winning 11 of them with nine clean sheets.

“For all the will in the world, the coaching staff can say we have done this or that, but we have done nothing.

“All we have done is to instil a belief into these players to perform to the best they possibly can, and I’m immensely proud of every one of them.

“Jonathan Giles returned on Saturday and scored another goal and I’d like to think he can get a job here in the north east.

“It shows the environment we are creating because people are coming in and enjoying it.

“If it’s not a good dressing room or atmosphere then players coming into it new will feel pretty apprehensive and not really enjoy what they do.

“But every single player has been fantastic for Ashington FC, and because of that the future is bright.

“It’s small steps as we look up and forget the bottom end of the table, but from what I have seen, and with a few additions, we can definitely be more of a driving force and challenge at the other end of the table next season.”