League looking for support

THE Pin Point Recruitment Junior football league is looking for the support of local businesses as officials launch a major recruitment programme with a difference.

The league, which is one of the oldest and biggest in the country, is looking at bringing junior football clubs and local people together in a new and structured way.

Businesses and companies are being asked to allow their employees to take a few hours away from their usual roles to learn new skills or possibly return to the sport.

The volunteers will have an array of tasks to choose from when they are introduced to a club.

The scheme is entitled ‘Volunteers a fresh approach’ and is an adaptation of successful schemes run in the USA and entitled ‘employee and community engagement’.

The scheme is being administered by league committee member Gordon Stewart.

He said: “There are clear benefits for the clubs, companies and the volunteers.

“The companies and volunteers can choose how much time they wish to dedicate and which role they would like to try out, this is a great opportunity for all in this area.”

Further information can be found on the league’s website www.pinpointjuniorleague.co.uk