New management structure in place at Ashington Colliers

The new team at Ashington Colliers, from left, Steve Jones, David Leightley and David Brown.
The new team at Ashington Colliers, from left, Steve Jones, David Leightley and David Brown.

Northern Alliance side Ashington Colliers have restructured their management team.

Long serving boss David Brown has brought in David Leightley as joint manager with Steve Jones coming in as coach.

The immediate target for the club, who are third from bottom of the premier division, is to avoid relegation.

But Jones has been so impressed by what he has seen already that he firmly believes a top half finish is possible.

Brown, in his 15th season in charge, said: “David worked with me about four seasons ago and I’m delighted and over the moon to have him back on board.

“He’s a great coach and great lad and he knows a lot of good players.

“I’ve brought him in as joint manager but he will have the final decision on selections and formations.

“Steve Jones is a good fitness coach and is very knowledgeable. I’m looking forward to our working relationship.

“Now the number one goal is to get the club away from the relegation zone.”

Leightley, 44, a site manager, said: “The last time I was at the Colliers with David Brown and Tony Burgess we had a good time, but I decided to leave and set up a junior team with Steve (Jones).

“We brought a lot of those lads through and a lot of them are playing senior football in the Northern League, so it was very rewarding.

“I think I needed to step up and be a manager and be the focal point.

“I also wanted to raise my profile and I can think of no better a club to do that than Ashington Colliers.”

Jones, 46, managing director of Cambois-based Interceil, said: “It’s really good to be back working together with David Leightley as we have known each other for a long time.

“We are trying to restore the confidence back in the side at the moment, get through to Christmas then look to build on that.

“The lads got a great win last week when they beat North Shields Athletic - a top five team - 3-1, quite comfortably to be honest.

“Our first priority is to avoid relegation but we have got a good squad starting to come back together and if we can get a couple of injury free weeks, in reality we should be setting our sights on a top half finish, which would give us a foundation for next season.”