No complaints from West Allotment boss to defeat

West Allotment Celtic’s player/manager Paul Stoneman admitted he had no complaints after his side’s 4-0 defeat at Ashington on Saturday.

Stoneman said: “Naturally I’m disappointed, but we never got going from start to finish and it was a bit of a mystery because we have been superb of late.

“Credit to Ashington because they did a job on us, but we didn’t turn up.

“What I have said to the lads in the dressing room is that we have got to put it behind us and dust ourselves down because we now have a massive game at Newcastle Benfield on Wednesday and need to get a result.”

Stoneman’s outfit were a goal down within two minutes at Woodhorn Lane.

He added: “The last thing we wanted to do was to go behind, and especially so early in the game.

“We started poorly and to be fair never really recovered from it.

“Ashington scored at bad times for us and we were maybe a little bit on top when they scored their second.

“After half-time we hit the post when we had a good spell, then they go to the other end and score, but overall I’ve got no complaints with the result because we just weren’t at it today.”