Seville welcomes Spartans

Three Blyth Spartans fans recently visited the city of Seville in Spain on a friedship mission for the club.

Alan & Ciara McLean and Simon Needham, are all members of the “Blyth Betis Peña Betica” – which is aimed at building links and sporting friendship between fans of the two clubs, based on their green and white striped tradition.

The Spartans fans were invited to a game against Celta Vigo on Sunday May 12 under a scheme where Real Betis, the Seville club, dedicates each of its home games to a different Peña Betica, or local supporters group.

Simon Needham, Secretary of the group said: “This was a fantastic experience for all three of us.

“We travelled to Seville not knowing what to expect, but the welcome we were given by the Real Betis fans was as warm as the weather!

“Their hospitality was second to none. We were invited to a BBQ with around 60 other Betis fans, and everyone was interested to learn about us, and the “green and white stripes” link with Blyth.

“Possibly the highlight of the afternoon was being presented with a giant “Paella” meal, which everyone enjoyed.”

Following the meal with the Betis fans they headed off to the match, which Real Betis won 1-0.

They were able to present the club a Blyth Spartans shirt and receiving scarves and flags from their Spanish hosts in return. The Seville side were also given official certificates commemorating the visit.

Simon added: “We also met a number of fans in the bar after the game, and we hope that this is just the start of building links and friendships between supporters of the two clubs.”