Spartans channel goes live

The end of the season for Blyth Spartans FC marked the launch of internet channel for the club.

BSFCTV has launched on YouTube and kick osff with an exclusive look at the fitness session players were put through in a recent session.

Visual Media Officer Glen Maxwell was invited along to document the session, allowing him to finally get the new media platform up and running.

Glen said: “It’s great to be able to say that BSAFCTV is now fully functional.

“A lot of the supporters have asked when the channel would be going live, so the interest is definitely there for it.

“A lot of time and planning has gone in to this and the response we’ve had so far for the whole thing has been astounding.

“Hopefully, that will continue to grow even more as the channel establishes itself.”

Despite the launch of the channel being advertised for pre-season, it was brought forward once the tests were arranged at the beginning of May.

Glen continued: “Initially, we had planned to go live once the players were back for pre-season but, once this was all set up, we decided to bring the launch forward – as we felt that this session was the ideal starting point for the channel.

“It allowed us to show another side of the club which fans don’t usually get to see and that’s what BSAFCTV is all about, really. It also gives the fans an insight into just what the players were put through on the night and why the session was put on for the players.”

And, after his first night of filming, Glen is sure that the players will enjoy being in the BSAFCTV new spotlight.

He said: “There is a great camaraderie in the squad and it was good that they didn’t try to change the way they went on because of the camera – even if it meant that a lot of the footage was unsuitable for broadcast!

“That bodes well for some of the features we have planned and, all being well, we’ll be able to do a lot more with the squad in the coming weeks and months – both on and off the pitch.”

The debut BSAFCTV video story can be viewed at