Spartans secure a new shirt sponsor

Quantum Elite co-directors Brian Delf and Lissa.
Quantum Elite co-directors Brian Delf and Lissa.

BLYTH Spartans FC have secured a new shirt sponsor following the end of their deal with Dräger.

Quantum Elite, via its ‘24 Seven Claims’ sister company, is extending its commitment to Blyth Spartans for the coming season – and possibly beyond.

As a relatively new but growing company, Quantum Elite has strong local ties and believes in investing in the town and people

“We want to support the community via the football club,” said Brian Delf, director of the company, which provides services to individuals who have been injured through no fault of their own.

“When Dräger’s contract came to an end and it was indicated they would not be renewing their shirt sponsorship we were really keen to step in to help.

“Whilst we are still establishing ourselves as a developing company it’s great that it’s not only the big companies who can provide the vital support necessary to assist the club.

“Smaller organisations like ours can also play an important part.”

Last year Quantum Elite sponsored the Kingsway end stand at Croft Park, now ‘The Quantum Stand’, as well as matches and ground boards, so taking on the premium shirt sponsorship deal was a leap of faith in the club and its management.

Mr Delf added: “Actually it didn’t take us too long to decide to increase our sponsorship to this level, we had already decided to invest more locally.

“We’re really keen to push the residents’ awareness of the club, for the club to be able to build the squad and invest in further good players, which we believe will lead to improved performances and bigger crowds.

“We had a good run last season and believe this is only the beginning.

“There is definite link between the success of the Spartans and the confidence in the town.

“We would certainly go along with the Spartans’ slogan ‘Feel the Spirit’ – at the club and in the local area.

“Hopefully the fans will reward our support by an upturn in home crowds.”

Mr Delf and his co-director Lissa, who manage Quantum Elite, are both from Blyth and are long standing supporters of the club having attended games at Croft Park for more than 40 years.

“The management of the club are always very welcoming and helpful and always pull out all the stops for us as sponsors,” said Lissa.

“We have agreed the shirt sponsorship for this season and have an option on the following two.

“Our support is intended to be long-standing.

“We hope the community will back us in our support of the club and look forward to a long future together and hope we can fill the shoes of our predecessors.”

Spartans chairman Tony Platten said: “I’d like to thank Dräger for its support over the last few years but we’re delighted that Quantum Elite is proposing to increase its commitment to our cause.

“It’s fantastic for local companies to get behind the football club.”