Terriers boss Ferrell questions postponement decision for Ashington derby

Bedlington Terriers manager Andy Ferrell on the touchline. Picture by Chris Chambers - CJC Photo
Bedlington Terriers manager Andy Ferrell on the touchline. Picture by Chris Chambers - CJC Photo

Bedlington Terriers manager Andy Ferrell was bitterly disappointed with the decision to postpone Saturday’s derby against Ashington.

The Welfare Park pitch was deemed to be waterlogged, but the 32-year-old thought the game should have gone ahead with there being “very little” surface water on the pitch.

Referee Lindsey Robinson deemed the pitch unsafe to go ahead just over an hour before the scheduled 3pm kick-off.

Ferrell said: “The game should have gone ahead, if 22 players, myself and Steve Harmison are saying it is alright then in my opinion the game should have been on.

“I thought that there was a little bit of surface water in one of the corners, it wouldn’t really be any danger when the game is going on.

“I understand if the pitch is frozen or if it is underwater, but I have played on pitches ten times worse than that throughout my career.”

Ferrell was left frustrated with the decision after Beldington had played West Auckland Town on February 6 on a surface “worse” than the pitch on Saturday.

He added: “The pitch wasn’t frozen and we played West Auckland last week on a pitch that wasn’t rolled, wasn’t cut and was ten times worse than what the pitch was this week.

“It was the referee who was concerned about the safety of the players, but last week when the pitch was worse, the safety wasn’t even took into consideration.

“If there was any doubt in the game, the referee should have got to the ground earlier, I was here at 12 o’clock, and so should the referee if she had any doubts.”

The Terriers’ focus will now turn to the games with Bishop Auckland and North Shields and Ferrell deemed the coming days ahead as “a big week” in Bedlington’s season.

“We are wanting the games to come thick and fast, we want to continue going, all the teams are fighting and we don’t want to be playing catch-up,” Ferrell said.

“We have a big week ahead, Bishop Auckland through the week, and then North Shields on Saturday, it is another two difficult games for us.

It is the second time the game has been postponed, after it was cancelled on Boxing Day.

The Colliers got the better of the two sides earlier on in the season, running out 4-0 winners at Woodhorn Lane in the first meeting.

Bedlington are now set to play eight games in March, weather permitting, and four between now and the end of February.

Harmison’s Ashington face the prospect of playing nine games in March, and seven in the final month of the season.

Both sides will wait in anticipation to see when the Northern League reschedules the fixture.