Harmison praises Wood as Ashes winner follows in his footsteps

Former Ashes winning cricketer Steve Harmison. Picture by Ian Appleby - www.ianapplebyimages.com
Former Ashes winning cricketer Steve Harmison. Picture by Ian Appleby - www.ianapplebyimages.com

Steve Harmison reckons his Ashington-based colleague Mark Wood will not have realised what he has achieved in cricketing folklore.

The 25-year-old England pace bowler took the wicket which clinched the Ashes against Australia on Saturday.

Harmison, already in the cricketing hall of fame after helping his country to win the urn in 2005 and 2009, said: “It’s unbelievable and wonderful for England and I believed they were going to do it.

“But to have two people from Ashington in the last ten years from that small little cricket club at Langwell Crescent who have won the Ashes, speaks volumes for the cricket club; our families and for the area.

“You can trot out all the clichés, like Mark being on top of the world and over the moon, simply because he will be. However, I don’t think he will realise what he has actually done and where this is going to elevate him.

“For Mark and every single English cricketer, the pressure is on now to keep getting better and to keep performing, they have got to do that.

“It’s no good winning the Ashes then going to the United Arab Emirates and losing to Pakistan in the subsequent series which is coming up.

“England have shown they have got a bit of steel coming back from the defeat in the second Test at Lord’s, and it’s a fantastic thing.”

Wansbeck MP Ian Lavery also congratulated Wood.

He said: “Mark is an absolute credit to the region and the north east.

“To think that we have now got two individuals from Ashington who have won the Ashes is incredible, and I’m not sure if it will be matched in many other places, but it is a marvellous achievement for Ashington Cricket Club as well.

“I think Mark has done brilliantly well to basically win the Ashes by taking the last wicket in the game at Trent Bridge, which was the cherry on the cake.

“Good for Mark, and it can only benefit our area as well.”