50 Judo students make the grade

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Fifty students from Battlehill Judo Club (Wallsend), Seghill Judo Club and Hangaku Judo Club (Kenton), took part in a Judo course and grading at St Aiden’s Primary School, Wallsend.

The course was supervised by Kieran Tweedy 1st Dan, Mo Gadema 1st Kyu and Chris Sayers 1st Kyu, whilst Mala Young 4th Dan and Steve Smith 2nd Dan examined the students’ technical ability.

Primary Promotions were:

Mel Wilkinson, Owen Wright, Andy Sin Sho 1; Daisy Lye Sho 2; Nathan Reed Sho 3; Erika Watson, Ferne Walton Sho 4 .

Those receiving Junior Promotions were :

Oscar Gachcar, Callum Murray, Reuben Hetherington, Kayden Beck, Ellie Davis, Kayden Mushtaq, Daniel Hardy, Theodore Kennerley, Sam Purvis, Alfred Kennerley 1st mon; Daniel Watson, Ellis lye, James Proud, Thomas Proud 2nd mon; Daniel Thompson, Jack Armstrong, Charlie Cummins, Alesha Slater, Katy Walker 3rd mon; Josh Sayers, Neomi Young, Real Thoophome 4th mon; Shaylin Burn, Ian McMorin, Kate Sturrock 5th mon; Luke Anderson 6th mon; Joe Flaherty 7th mon; Joseph Carroll 8th mon; Jasmin Gadema, Yussef Gadema, Murray Cairns 9th mon; Sean Young 10th mon; Josh Stoneman, Harvey Cairns 11th mon; Kyle Flannery 12th mon.

And Senior Promotions were:

Joseph Capocci and Martin Curry 5th kyu, Yellow Belt; Anthony Kirkland 4th Kyu orange belt; Saffron Gadema 2nd Kyu blue belt.