Ashington pair gain black belts

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Ashington Karate Club are proud to have two new black belts in their club. On Saturday, Thomas Davison and Beverley Foster travelled up to Kirkintilloch in Scotland to grade for their Shodan (1st Dan black belt).

The grading examination was taken by Sensei Andy Sherry, 9th Dan, who is the chief instructor of the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB), the largest single-style karate organisation in the United Kingdom.

The grading is extremely physically and mentally challenging and assesses all three aspects of karate – kihon (basic techniques), kata (set forms) and kumite (sparring).

Both Thomas and Beverley were successful in passing the exam and now join the club’s constantly growing group of black belts. They have both been working hard towards the grading over the past year and train at the club with their instructors Sensei Jill Kelly, 6th Dan and Sensei Trish Bruce, 5th Dan. Thomas has been training at Ashington Karate Club for four-and-a-half years, and Beverley joined the club last year with her daughter after a break from training of several years.

Ashington Karate Club train on Saturday mornings at Ashington Leisure Centre from 10am-11.30am, and on Thursday evenings at Josephine Butler Campus from 6pm-7pm. More information can be found on the club’s website or by contacting Sensei Jill Kelly on 07930324556.

Beverley Foster and Thomas Davison with Sensei Andy Sherry.