Bedlington Station A top ladies’ darts league table


Bedlington Station A saw off their B team by 13 points in the Bedlington Station Ladies’ Darts League.

Table: 1. Bedlington Station A 113 pts; 2. Bedlington Station B 100; 3. Sun Inn 92; 4. Travellers Rest 91; 5. Guide Post Club 86; 6. Bomarsund Club 85; 7. Bedlington Terriers 84; 8. Clayton arms 83; 9. Red Lion 78; 10. Breakers 72; 11. Bank Top 68; 12. Lord Barrington 68; 13. The Grapes 62.

Trophies: Wooden Spoon: The Grapes. Johnson Cup: Travellers Rest; runners-up: Sun Inn. Seven-a-side: Bedlington Station A; runners-up: Lord Barrington. Three-a-side: Bedlington Station B; runners-up: Bomarsund Club. Onyx Club: Travellers Rest; runners-up: Guide Post Club. Doubles: S Coxon & R Reay (Bedlington Terriers); runners-up: A Foster & L Amrstrong (Lord Barrington). Captain’s Trophy: L Hurn (Travellers Rest); runners-up: M Straughan (Bedlington Station A). Singles: S Stidwell (Breakers); runners-up: T Taylor (Travellers Rest). Supreme Champion: L Hurn (Travellers Rest); runner-up: S Stidwell (Breakers). Highest Finish: M Lown (Sun Inn) 100. Highest Aggregate: M Lown (Sun Inn) 1,240. 180s: D Turner (The Grapes).