Bomersund Club take the honours in Bedlington darts league

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Bomersund Club dominated the Bedlington Ladies’ Darts League as they took the title and several other honours.

Final league placings: 1. Bomersund Club 140 pts; 2. Travellers Rest 127; 3. Bedlington Station Club A 121; 4. Bedlington Terriers FC 109; 5. Bedlington Station Club B 108; 6. Sun Inn 108; 7. Guide Post Club B 98; 8. The Railway 96; 9. Barrington Arms 92; 10. The Clayton 92; 11. Lord Barrington 86; 12. Red Lion; 13. The Grapes; 14. The Shakespeare 77; 15. Guide Post Club A 52.

Johnson Cup: Bomersund Club, runners-up: The Clayton; Seven-a-side: Bomersund Club, runners-up: Bedlington Terriers FC; Onyx Cup: Bomersund Club, runners-up: Bedlington Station Club B; Singles: T Longstaff (Bomersund Club), runner-up: D Allonby (Bomersund Club); Doubles: T Longstaff and D Waugh (Bomersund Club), runners-up: D Longstaff and S Nicholson (Bomersund Club); Captain’s Trophy: D Longstaff (Bomersund Club), runner-up: M Flynn (Bedlington Station Club A); Highest aggregate: D Waugh (Bomersund Club) 2,235; Highest finish: M Lown (Sun Inn) 120; Highest other score 180: P Lumley (Travellers Rest) 268; Supreme champion: T Longstaff (Bomersund Club), runner-up: D Longstaff (Bomersund Club).