Contrasting fortunes for Northumbria Vikings pair

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Northumbria Vikings cycle speedway riders Gavin Parr and Jason Keith made the trip to Coventry for the over 40 indoor British finals on Saturday.

Both riders from the Cramlington Sporting Club have very little indoor experience so how they would fair was anyone’s guess.

After arriving and having a few practice sessions, both riders seemed pretty happy with the tyres and the surface.

In the match the two of them met in their first race and it was Parr who won with Keith in second.

A further win for Parr and another second for Keith left both well in the mix after two races.

Sadly it all went wrong for Keith from then on as he picked up two exclusions for going outside the tram lines which keep riders from chopping from the starting gate.

Parr continued unbeaten in his next two races so after four of the five races, Keith unfortunately had six points but Parr was on 16.

Keith finished with a solid second place in his final race, showing that had he not made a bit of a hash of those two races he would have been right in the mix for a top five finish.

Parr went out in heat 19 and raced against another unbeaten rider, Mark Whitehead.

Whitehead was off gate two and Parr gate three. But the gate did not go to plan for Parr and Whitehead managed to get a clear first turn.

Parr managed to pass Wenn but sadly it was one mistake that meant Whitehead would be crowned 2014 indoor Vets champion.

Parr finished second and left the finals pleased with his efforts while Keith was wondering what could have been.