Fright night in Hallowe’en week with thrills and spills galore

Hallowe’en week in the BVPA was a mixed bag of tricks and treats.

Irish B 8 Sun B 4

Sun B Captain Stu Cavens reported a horrific night of pool with finishes that were child’s play being poorly executed. The exceptions to the rule were Andrew Doyle with a man-of-the match performance winning all three games. The other highlight being Nathan Murther’s brace of points. Irish B maintain eighth place with 53 points. Sun B are bottom of the Super-league with 17.

Bedlington Station 8 Sports C 4

The Sports took a nerve-tingling opening frame, only for the Station to take eight of the next nine to seal the victory. Sports C took the last two scotch doubles to give the scoreline some respectability. The Station’s Ayrton Stewart, Steven Kinghorn and Albert Ridley won two singles apiece. The Station rise one place to third with 66. Sports C slither two places to fifth with 62.

Comrades B 10, Side Club 2

Kevin Mcgarry took three points and conjured up a last frame trick shot to seal the result. The Comrades B hold second place with 78. The defeat saw the Side Club fall one place to seventh with 57.

Seahorse B 8, Wharton 4

The Seahorse B got a treat from the Wharton who showed tremendous and much-appreciated sportsmanship in allowing the Seahorse to play some games out of order, due to players’ commitments. The shining light for the Seahorse B was Mark Lillico with a hat-trick of points. Able support came from team mates Nathan Irving and Andrew Brownlee who took two points from their three games. Mark Lawrence and Davey Fairless made their Super-league debuts for the Seahorse B. Seahorse B crept up one place to fourth with 63. The Wharton slide one place to 14 on 42.

South Beach 5, Seahorse A 7

Three wins on the night from Seahorse A captain Kevin Barker were matched by South Beach’s Jonny Vincent. Seahorse A’s John Welsh took both his singles games. The Seahorse A move up to tenth with 48. The South Beach continue to hold 16th with 24.

Sports A 6, Oddfellows 6

Credit to the Oddfellows who played the game a player down due to work commitments. The Sports A maintain their grip on 15th place with 28 points, while the Oddfellows Arms go up one to 13th with 42.

Sports D 1, Irish A 11

Irish A were in frighteningly good form taking the match with some clinical finishing from Chris Gill, Matt Brannan with three wins apiece, Irish team mates Gary Spooner, Johnny Wilson and captain Jason Ritson also chipped in with two points each. The Sports Cub took the first double to avoid the whitewash. Irish A maintain their stranglehold on top spot with 85. The Sports D drop one place to 12th with 45.

Sun A 6, Sports B 6

The Sun A took the final frame to secure a hard-fought draw, moving up one place to sixth with 58. Men-of-the-match for the Sun A were Michael Grieves, Mark McCann and John George Armstrong. Sports B, with their second draw in a row and their fifth of the season, have crept up one place to ninth with 51.

Comrades A had the bye this week and results saw them drop two places to 11th.