Ladies’ darts league

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BEDLINGTON Ladies’ Darts League has completed its season.

Trophy winners - Johnson’s Cup: Lord Barrington; runner-up: Market Place Club.

Highest aggregate: A Foster (Lord Barrington) 1,686; highest score: H Adamson (Clayton) 168; highest finish: K Burn (Ridge Farm) 120; 180s: K Tynemouth (Guide Post), M Lown (Wharton).

Onyx Cup: Travellers; runner-up: Bedlington Station B.

Seven-a-side: Clayton; runner-up: Bedlington Station A.

Doubles: Mary Lown and Carol Neale; runners-up: Angie Moscrop and Tammy Swales.

Singles: Lyn Hurn; runner-up: Janice Brown.

Captain’s Cup: Donna Rydz; runner-up Mary Lown.

Supreme Champion: Donna Rydz; runner-up Lyn Hurn.

The final league placings are: 1. Bedlington Station A 115pts; 2. Bedlington Station B 114; 3. Shakespeare 110;

4. Travellers 104; 5. Guide Post B 103; 6. Wharton 92; 7. Lord Barrington 89; 8. Barrington Arms 88; =9. Ridge Farm 87, Clayton 87; 11. Sun Inn 72; 12 Bomersund 68; =13. Guide Post A 99. Market Place Club 66.