League results

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BLYTH Valley Pool League week 15 results.

Premier Division: Newsham Vic B 2 Mason’s Arms A 7; Spartan Hotel A 3 High Street A 6; Percy Arms 6 South Beach Comms 3; High Street B 4 Spartan Hotel B 5; The Isabella 3 Newsham Hotel 6; The Eagle, Windmill Inn and The Waterford Arms, byes.

Division One: Waterloo A 7 The Black Diamond 2; Nikhs Bar 7 Waterloo B 2; Masons Arms B 5 Newsham Vic A 4; The Kings Arms 2 The Ridley Park 7; Waterloo C 2 Burton House 7; The Blyth and Tyne, North Club Blyth and The Kitty Brewster, byes.