Morley closes gap in cycling league

PAUL Whitehall (Infinity Cycles) lead the field for the 40 minutes plus one lap senior race in the latest round of the Barnesbury CC Muddy Monday MTB League at Gallagher Park in Bedlington.

Whitehall held a gap until the last lap from Alan Morley (Barnesbury CC).

Morley then capitalised on his better technical ability and closed the 15-second deficit on the bell, beating Whitehall into the technical tree section with half a lap to go.

Morley accelerated hard through the trees maintaining the gap he managed secure on the uphill finish to score maximum points, closing in the league standings on Ben Othen (Tap Timing) who was a non-starter.

Senior Race: 1. Alun Morley (Barnesbury CC); 2 Paul Whitehall (Infinity Cycles); 3. Andy Beatty (Ryton Tri); 4. Adam Wilson (Cramlington CC); 5. Ian Slater (unattached); 6. Steve Cook (Team NFRS).

In the youth race, series leader Joe Hodgson (under-12) got off to a great start, beating everyone on a redesigned skills course.

However, it was the power of Chris Aspey (under-14) that took the maximum points in the first lap time trial and mass start race.

Perhaps the most improved performance on the night was Pete Watson (under-10) to beat Daniel Holmes in the race for the under 10 league prize.

There are three races to go in the league, with some age category prizes still up for grabs.

Youth Race: 1. Chris Aspey (unattached); 2. Joe Hodgson (Barnesbury CC): 3. Joe Tubby (Tyneside Vags); 4. Pete Watson (Barnesbury CC); 5. Daniel Holmes (Tyneside Vags); 6. Callum Rowell (Breeze Bikes); 7. Jake Hodgson (Barnesbury CC); 8. Matthew Slater (unattached); 9. Jon Morley (Barnesbury CC).

Seniors (after 7 from 10 rounds): 1 Ben Othen (Tap Timing) 572; 2. Alun Morley (Barnesbury CC) 568; 3. Steve Cook (unattached) 508; 4. Jon Caisley (NPCC) 396; 5. Gerry Baird (unattached) 326; 6. Steve Hope (Tap Timing) 318.

Youths (after 7 from 10 rounds): 1. Joe Hodgson (Barnesbury CC) U12; 2. Chris Aspey (unattached) U14; 3. Jake Hodgson (Barnesbury CC) U8; 4. Joe Tubby (Tyneside Vags) U12; 5. Daniel Holmes (Tyneside Vags) U10; 6. Oliver Hutchinson (Tap Timing) U6.