New badge to mark club’s heritage

Cramlington Rockets' new badge.
Cramlington Rockets' new badge.

Cramlington Rockets have unveiled a new badge as part of the 15th anniversary events at the rugby league side.

The community club has come a long way since being founded in 2000 in Killingworth by Steve Beaty.

Starting out with only an easily flooded rugby pitch popular with dog walkers and mid-week training on the nearby car park due to it being the only place with floodlights, the club now boasts some of the best facilities and the biggest player base in the north east.

With the club going from strength to strength, 2015 promises to be a special year with a bevy of activities and developments planned, not least the Magic Weekend in May at St James’ Park.

To celebrate 15 years of progress, the club has decided to update its badge – designed in conjunction with Sam Monkhouse Graphic Design.

Chairman Jeff Ball said: “We decided we wanted something that was both modern and eye catching with plenty of orange and black, our club colours that make us so recognisable.

“It was also important to change the ‘established’ date back to 2000 after it changed to 2009 when we moved from Killingworth to Cramlington.

“At the time it was to acknowledge what was a fresh start for the club but now we are established in Northumberland, it is important we look back and recognise our heritage.”

He added: “The club was founded ultimately to give kids somewhere to go to have fun and keep out of trouble while learning a new sport and developing some life skills. That is still very true for the club and now the badge features the ‘three rockets’ of our club philosophy: Respect, Commitment and Fun.

“We are very excited to continue to develop the club and with the newly launched Community Department continuing their work in the region, Gateshead Thunder’s recent takeover and Magic Weekend in May, 2015 could be one of the biggest years ever for both the sport and Cramlington Rockets.”

To find out more about what is planned for 2015 email or call 07809 114905.