Past v Present match raises money for Darts North East Youth Academy

Last weekend saw a Past versus Present match in aid of the Darts North East Youth Academy.

A couple of no shows for the Past team meant they had to draft a couple of players in from the audience and they both played well.

Best for the Present team on the day was Paul Bell with a 30.83 average, and the man of the match for the Past team was Davy Gradwell with 29.35.

Organisers thanked Lisa Barnes, Karen Sidney, Lil Frost and Dawn Longstaff who all did a great job on the day helping out.

And to Gary Reed for his sponsorship and everyone who donated something towards the raffle etc.

The total on the day came to a massive £500, which is a great deposit into the Youth Academy bank account.

The final score on the day was 7-5 to the Present team. The ladies’ Past team won 2-1.

The Youth Academy are looking for premises in the Blyth area, and anyone who can help should email