Success at inter club competition for judo competitors

The All England Judo Federation (Northern Region) held at Inter Club Competition at Morpeth Riverside Centre.

Among those clubs taking part were Shugendo Judo Club, in Cramlington; Ronin Judo Club from Morpeth; and Bushido Judo Kwai, from Wallsend.

Sensei Joe Norman 7th Dan, President of the AEJF, attended from London.

The following students were successful in their categories:- Daniel Cafferty – Bronze (group category) Gold (open); Christopher Pratt – Silver (group category) Silver (open); Charlie Bainbridge – Silver (group category) Silver (open); Andrew Marsh – Bronze (group category) Silver (open); Benjamin Van Denton – Silver (group category) Bronze (open); Harris Heaton – Silver (open); Tyler Germaney – Bronze (group category) Bronze (open); Joe Oliver – Bronze (group category); Jack Rickeard – Bronze (open); Jack Wandless – Bronze (group category); Lucas Oliver – Bronze (group category); Joe Yates – Entry medal.