Whitewash in Super League

BLYTH Valley Pool Association Super League, sponsored by Goschen Street Garage & Union Private Hire, saw its first ever white wash on Thursday with Bedlington Station Club beating Sports Club B 12-0.

Bedlington went top after the win whilst the Percy took away Sports Club A’s 100 per cent record with a 7-6 win in a sudden death play-off, Kevin McGarry coming out on top against Geoff Campbell.

Comrades A won 7-5 at Seahorse while their B team took the honours 7-5 against Annitsford Irish Club.

Newsham Side Club had an impressive 9-3 score against Cramlington Village A whilst Cramlington Village B won a decider against the Brockwell Seam 7-6.

This week sees the first round of the cup with teams playing in a round robin format, with the top two teams of the two leagues advancing to the semi-finals.

Table after week seven: 1. Bedlington Station Club 65 pts; 2. Percy Arms 62; 3. Sports Club A 62; 4. Comrades A 55; 5. Comrades B 52; 6. Seahorse 45; 7. Newsham Side Club 44; 8. Annitsford Irish Club 37; 9. Cramlington Village B 37; 10. Sports Club B 32; 11. Cramlington Village A 29; 12. Brockwell Seam 26.