Winners from darts league

BEDLINGTON Ladies darts 2011-12 competition winners.

League: Bedlington Station A; runners-up: Shakespeare (Cherry Tree).

Johnson Cup: Wharton, runners-up: Bedlington Station A; Seven-a-side: Bedlington Station A, runners-up: Lord Barrington; Four-a-side: Lord Barrington, runners-up: Shakespeare (Cherry Tree); Captain’s: D Rydz (Bedlington Station B), runner-up: M Lown (Wharton); Singles: M Flynn (Bedlington Station A); runner-up: S Ayre (Bedlington Station A); Doubles: K Storey and H Dobson (Bedlington Station A), runners-up: N Hodgetts and A Kay (The Queen’s Head); Supreme Champion: D Rydz (Bedlington Station B), runner-up: M Flynn (Bedlington Station A); Highest Aggregate: H Dobson (Bedlington Station A) 1101; Highest Score (other than 180): H Dobson (Bedlington Station A) 160; Highest Finish: E P Johnstone (Guide Post Club) 146; 180: S Longstaff (Lord Barrington.