Youngsters take part in new hockey competition

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STUDENTS showed off the skills and drills they learnt in lessons for a hockey competition.

The Year 6 pupils from four Blyth schools took part in the first ever Quick Sticks Hockey event.

Two teams each from Bede South, Newsham Primary, Morpeth Road Primary, and Malvins Close Primary schools all took part in the event.

There were six players in each squad, with four playing at once, offering players full involvement in the game and increased ball contact.

It also makes hockey more accessible as it can be played anywhere and does not require expensive equipment other than the hockey sticks and a ball.

As regards development of the game, the children can make the transition to mini hockey and 11-a-side hockey easier as all games have common skills and techniques.

Two competitions ran alongside each other, with all schools playing each other in either the A or the B league.

The players relished the opportunity to compete in a new sport and played increasingly well throughout the course of the competition, with skills being developed and improved during every game.

Newsham won the A league and Morpeth Road won the B league.

Well done to all players, and look out for more competition opportunities in the summer when a league will be introduced for schools in the Blyth and Bedlington School Sport Partnership.