Thewlis feels side pressed ‘self-destruct button’

ASHINGTON Cricket Club’s first XI skipper Michael Thewlis admitted his side pressed the self-destruct button when batting first against Tynedale on Saturday.

Thewlis pointed to a crucial spell in the innings where the Colliers lost quick wickets and consequently failed to press on.

He also stressed the need for players to compile good scores after making decent starts.

“I’m really disappointed that we haven’t posted a big enough score after getting into a really good position,” he said.

“We lost three wickets in three overs and that knocked the stuffing out of us.

“We were looking at scoring 250 at one stage, but some lads have gone in and got out and it has not enabled us to post a high enough score to defend with the bowling we have got.

“Our batting is looking good but we are giving wickets away. That’s the worst of it.

“Every week we are giving teams who are dead and buried in the field and at a crucial part of the game – around the 35th over mark – our wickets, and it’s making it a breeze for them.

“Tynedale were dead and buried at 30 overs – they thought they were going to be chasing hundreds more.

“We know we have people who can bat, but they have got to bat on and turn the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s into 70s, 80s, 90s and hundreds – then we’ll win games like that.

“Plenty of people got starts today in the top six but we haven’t got one person who has gone through and compiled a big score.”

Thewlis also reckoned that even with a full strength bowling attack his side would have struggled to defend 216.

He added: “We missed a few bowlers today, including a spinner on a wicket which was very dry and dusty, but I don’t think it would have made a difference.

“A total of 216 is not enough at Tynedale, or anywhere else to be honest in a 50 overs game.

“The days of scoring 200 runs and winning 50 over games of cricket are long, long gone.

“Tynedale were never under any pressure chasing the total and it was a good lesson for us on the same sort of total we ourselves have not chased down well recently.”