Service in memory of Suffragette

RESIDENTS are being invited to a special church service next week in memory of Suffragette Emily Davison to mark the centenary of the women’s rights movement.

The service will take place at St Mary’s Church in Kirkhill, Morpeth at noon on International Women’s Day, next Tuesday, March 8, and will include speeches by Crolyn Collette and Sandra Kerr.

International Women’s Day was marked for the first time in 1911 in support of the movement for women’s rights, including the right of women to vote.

Each year for the last 100 years International Women’s Day has been celebrated to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women.

After the service, Northumberland County Council chairman Marcia Bircham and members of the congregation will lay flowers on Emily Davison’s grave on behalf of the authority and the people of Northumberland.

Mrs Bircham said: “The service is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women from all walks of life and to pay tribute to all those who have worked tirelessly for the freedom and equality that so many of us in the western world are lucky enough to enjoy today.

“At the same time, we must never forget the millions of women who are still oppressed and far from achieving equality with men in vital areas such as access to education, health care and employment.”

Emily Davison joined the Suffragette movement to campaign passionately for the right for women to vote, often ending up behind bars following militant protests.

In June 1913, Emily made her final, tragic demonstration at the Epsom Derby when she ran out onto the racetrack and was struck down by the King’s horse.

She died from her injuries four days later, paying the ultimate price for her beliefs.