This means war is perfect popcorn flick

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EVERY once in a while a film comes along that not only claims to have it all – romance, bromance, action and a decent plot – but it actually delivers on its promises.

This Means War is everything rolled into one.

And it boasts a great cast including Reece Witherspoon as Lauren, the object of the affections of the beautiful Brit Tom Hardy (as Tuc), and the swauve Chris Pine as FDR.

When the two boys realise they’re both dating the same girl, they decide to let her choose who she wants and vow not to let that decision ruin their friendship.

Of course as she two-times them both, she has no idea they are CIA superspies who are watching her every move, to get her to pick them over the other one.

If you haven’t guessed it already, the audience then gets to watch as their friendship slowly unravels as they compete to get the girl, using anything and everything at their disposal.

I have to admit I was left a little disapppointed with the ending, but I still enjoyed the premise of the film

If you overlook the film’s message that it’s ok to be a stalker if you’re in the CIA, (but if anyone else does it then it’s just plain creepy), then you really will enjoy this film.

This Means War has the perfect mix of comedy and action.

Take it as it is intended, a light-hearted film that will help you easily while away the time on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It doesn’t take a lot of brain power, and it’s an enjoyable film that has romance and action to keep the mr and the mrs happy.

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