Novel runs from the north to Australia

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A former Newbiggin woman has had her third book published.

Laura Adams grew up in the coastal town and moved to Australia six years ago.

Her novel With This Ring tells a story about how intricate and complex domestic violence can be. It is set in the north east, but ends in Australia.

When Charlotte Jackson first sets eyes on Joe Porter she falls in love with him almost instantly. He is attractive, charming and everything she could dream of in a boyfriend. Joe’s love and protection for Charlotte spirals out of control as their relationship intensifies, until Charlotte finds herself isolated and a victim of domestic violence.

After a series of horrifying events, Charlotte flees the country and heads to Australia to live with her family and start her life over. She excels at her career and learns to heal the wounds of her former life. One day, out of the blue, a ghost from the past revisits her and makes her question everything all over again.

Laura has also had two anxiety books published previously.

With This Ring is available to buy on Amazon. 
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