Adele DVD proves why she’s a sought after live performer

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WHEN soul singer Adele announces a tour, the tickets, quite rightly, sell out in a matter of moments.

If you were not one of the lucky ones that has seen her live, then you certainly need to get hold of her new DVD, Adele, Live at the Albert Hall.

The DVD shows just why Adele is the UK’s top female artist, and even though I was lucky enogh to seue he live, I was still keen to watch the star’s live DVD.

Her voice is breathtaking, and her personality shines through on this special DVD and CD.

Adele is a funny, down-to-earth young woman, who is as shy as she is talented, and chats away happily explaining the songs.

She wears her heart on her sleeve, and even with her entertaining potty mouth, you know that every word she sings, she means.

And I defy anyone not to get emotional when she sings Someone Like You, and wipes away a tear or two.

The new DVD also includes a breathtaking live CD that alone makes this a must-have.

Adele is the greatest female singer in the UK at the minute, and this DVD really showcases exactly why she has become one of the most sought after live performers in the world.

Utterly fantastic.


1. Hometown Glory

2. I’ll Be Waiting

3. Don’t You Remember

4. Turning Tables

5. Set Fire To The Rain

6. If It Hadn’t Been For Love

7. My Same

8. Take It All

9. Rumour Has It

10. Right As Rain

11. One & Only

12. Lovesong

13. Chasing Pavements

14. I Can’t Make You Love Me

15. Make You Feel My Love

16. Someone Like You

17. Rolling In The Deep