Johnny Marr back on road for dozen dates as Morrissey hogs headlines

Former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr.
Former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr.

Morrissey might be hogging headlines at the moment with his debut novel and claims to have been sexually assaulted by airport workers, but he’s not the only former Smiths member keeping busy.

The indie rock legends’ guitarist, Johnny Marr, won’t be vying with his old sidekick for brickbats for what have been roundly criticised as some of the most embarrassing literary sex scenes ever published, and he also seems unlikely to attract inappropriate attention from security staff.

He can be relied upon to get his guitar out from time to time, however, and sing too these days, and he’ll be doing just that at Newcastle University’s students’ union on Sunday, October 11.

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The show is part of a 12-date UK tour also including visits to the 51-year-old’s native Manchester tonight and tomorrow and Bognor Regis in West Sussex on Saturday.

Marr will be recording a live album during the tour, his first since Rank, a No 2 hit for the Smiths in 1988.

It will be his third solo LP, following The Messenger, a No 10 hit in 2013, and Playland, a No 9 last year, though he did put out Boomslang in 2003 too, a non-charting album credited to Johnny Marr and the Healers.

“Getting out on a UK tour is exciting for me,” said Marr.

“There’s no substitute for going to a show and playing shows.

“Playing live is what it’s all about.”

Morrissey’s novel, List of the Lost, is out now as a Penguin paperback.