Cast promote show at event

Some of the cast from an upcoming comedy musical appeared in character at Blyth RNLI’s fundraising fair on Saturday.

The group from Tango in Tibet, to be performed at Seaton Delaval Arts Centre, were making one last push on the ticket-selling front.

Richy Wilson, playwright and leading man, was joined by actors Emma Friel, Tracy Clough, and Matthew Wilson in bringing hack comedian Al, Yeti princess Yim-Yam and the mother-son team of Russian Yeti-hunters Roza and Pavel Spelk to the Blyth riverside.

“We’ve had a lot of interest,” says Richy, from Blyth.

“Tickets have been selling fast for the show on Friday, September 19, and we’re hoping to sell out the Wednesday and Thursday shows too.”

Tickets are available online at

The outlandish outfits of the cast, among them a fearsome and horned Yeti, were turned heads and caught eyes for much of the afternoon

“We had a few little ones a bit scared of the Yeti costume” says Emma Friel, who plays Princess Yim-Yam, the fearsome but sweet-natured Yeti heroine.

“But all in all people seem to love the costumes.

“We got the RNLI mascot to join us in one of our dance routines earlier, and it was great fun.”

The play sees travelling comedians Al and Tony stranded in the ancient kingdom of Tibet, where they fall foul of a sinister sorceror and get mixed up in a nefarious Russian plot to steal the horns from Princess Yim-Yam and her Yeti father.

Filled with original song and dance routines, and with plenty of bad puns throughout, the show takes its inspiration from comedy classics like the films of Abbot and Costello.

“It’s a real family show,” added Richy, a graduate of Newcastle College who has toured in plays such as Two Gentlemen of Verona, as well as taking roles in productions of Romeo and Juliet, and Run for your Wife.