Get murdered to death in new play

DAVID Swinton will make his debut with the Morpeth St George’s Community Players when they tackle their autumn production.

Mr Swinton, who has joined from Whitley Bay Theatre Company, will direct the group’s latest production of Murdered to Death, by Peter Gordon, which runs for three nights, Thursday to Saturday, November 17-19 in St George’s Church Hall.

The play, an Agatha Christie style spoof murder mystery, is set during the 1930s in a large country house, where Mildred and her companion Dorothy are awaiting their weekend guests.

This is the background for the arrival on stage of a cast of characters including a surly, incompetent butler, an old duffer of a colonel and his wife, a shady French art dealer and his upper-crust companion and a well-meaning local busybody who is renowned as a bit of a sleuth.

A murder brings Inspector Pratt and the local constable to solve the crime, which should be straightforward.

The inspector blunders from disaster to disaster not helped by the second murder confusing the situation.

The question remains, will the murderers be unmasked before either the whole cast have been killed or the audience die laughing.

Murdered to Death will be at St George’s Hall, Morpeth, from Thursday, November 17, to Saturday, November 19, at 7.30pm.

Tickets are available from Morpeth Chantry Toruist Information Centre on Bridge Street.