A closer look at Roman artefacts

An exhibition taking a closer look at artefacts going back to Roman times has started.

Wednesday, 23rd June 2021, 7:00 am
The Take a Closer Look exhibition is part of Segedunum's 21st anniversary celebrations.

Segedunum Roman Fort & Museum in Wallsend, is presenting the new exhibition Take a Closer Look which runs until Saturday, December 4.

There are over 600 artefacts on display in the Museum, many of them small, every-day items, and the exhibition is focusing on photographs of 20 objects in the collections.

The photographs reveal some of the finer decoration or texture of the objects, which can be easily overlooked on a first viewing as well as the damage or decay that has affected objects after being in the ground for 1,800 years.

Segedunum Roman Fort and Museum, in Wallsend.

After viewing the photographs, visitors can look for the actual objects on display in the Museum.

The exhibition marks 21 years since Segedunum Roman Fort & Museum opened to the public with members of staff compiling a list of their top 21 objects which can be viewed whilst following the current one-way system around the Museum.

Geoff Woodward, Museum Manager North & South Tyneside, TWAM, said: “The objects uncovered in the archaeological excavations provide a direct connection with the people who lived and worked at Segedunum.

"Taking time to examine and consider how these items were crafted, used and sometimes treasured, heightens that connection and can be quite a remarkable experience.

"What better way to celebrate our 21st birthday than to reflect on some of these personal stories which lie at the heart of the site.”

Alex Croom, Keeper of Archaeology, said: “As a curator, I can pick up objects in our collection, handle them, turn them round and look at them closely using a magnifying glass.

"The exhibition Take a Closer Look aims to give our visitors a chance to look at some of the objects on display in the same detail.

"It is an opportunity to see things about individual artefacts that might be missed when looking at it while it is in a display case full of lots of other objects.”

Segedunum Roman Fort & Museum is open every day 10am to 5pm.

For more information and to book tickets, visit www.segedunumromanfort.org.uk. Tickets are available to buy on the day, but the Museum recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.